Melody Evans

Melody Evans Headshot Spring 2019.jpg

About Melody

Melody Evans studied for four years at the San Antonio School of Art and Craft and started her career as a potter but soon moved into making sculpture, large scale installations and drawings with collage and digital manipulations. This change coincided with her pursuit of a Master’s degree in the influential area of Northern California.  Evans studied with nationally acclaimed artists Robert Brady and Stephen Kaltenbach, and has received numerous awards in her career; including first place in the National Visions in Clay, awarded at the University of the Pacific in CA. Her drawings have also been awarded in several regional shows in the St. Louis, MO area, where she now resides. She was represented by the notable Northern California gallery, Solomon Dubnick, until its retirement. Her work is in numerous public and private collections, including the Moog Collection at the Racine Art Museum, the Paul F. Dauer Ceramic Collection, the Sony Kamm International T-pot collection and the permanent collection at the William and Florence Schmidt Art Center Museum   In this region she has large-scale permanent installations at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, Alton Illinois and the New St. Mary’s Hospital in Jefferson City, MO.   She currently teaches ceramics at St. Louis Community Colleges.

Artist Statement

From the beginning of time humans have decorated their walls with symbols, patterns and implied stories. I share in this impulse with this body of work, and create ceramic wall art with the basic theme of water.  Water flows, melts, reflects, and solidifies, similar to the nature of time passing. With years of experience swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, along with drawing and photographing ponds, streams, snow and ice, baths and even car washes, my continued observation and passion for this theme  is more a kin to a deep spiritual experience for me.  Materializing this intense connection in clay and glaze is my compulsion and joy.