Pete Halladay


About Pete

Pete Halladay is a studio artist living and working in rural western Colorado (Hotchkiss, CO). He has been operating Paradise Pottery on a small farm with his wife Vicki for the last 25 years. In addition to teaching art full-time at the local high school for the first 10 years there, Pete has also been potting, tile making, sculpting, working concrete, and endlessly remodeling from the beginning, mostly as a professional. He has also collaborated with many other professional artists on various projects both local and distant.


Although Pete’s art career has been mostly realized in ceramics, he has a strong prevailing interest in working with other media, and is often experimenting with new materials. The body of work presented in this show is indicative of his interest in the eclectic nature of Found Object Assemblage and working in mixed media. Whether in ceramics or other media, Pete strives to uncover and incorporate elements of local scenery, wildlife, culture and history in a nuanced and interesting way through his artwork.

Artist Statement

When I first got into art, it was all about the wet mud and fire. Making pots became an all consuming passion, and that has stuck with me to this day. If there’s a way to make or fire a pot, I’ve probably done it.

Then, later, while teaching high school art, it became all about the scraps. Scraps of wood & wire, cardboard, metal… you name it. It wasn’t until years later, however, that I was able to spend any real time with the art of assemblage.

Now I spend a good part of the year creating sculptures from found scraps, donated junk, and sometimes, purchased treasures…

Horses are a favorite theme of mine;  they are such poetic and iconic creatures, who can symbolize so many ideas.

Preferring not to limit myself to any one kind of material of method of construction, I often try to rely on resources most close at hand… the more local, the more “re-purposed”, the better!